Contract Staff At Apple Still Gets Paid Despite Campus’ Closure

April 1, 2020

Apple has decided to continue paying its contract staff at its Headquarters in Silicon Valley although its campuses still remain closed

This was disclosed by an Apple Spokesperson. This was contrary to Apple’s earlier announcement which states that all contract staff will have their work suspended with pay.

“We’re working with all of our suppliers to ensure hourly workers such as janitorial staff are being paid during this difficult time,” spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said after the Journal’s inquiry about the job elimination notices.” Apple spokesperson said.

Contract staff includes Janitors, bus drivers, and other individuals who perform similar functions on its Apple Park and Infinite Loop locations. Many of them were misinformed about the suspension of their work with pay.

Bus drivers were also concerned about payment as Apple had not told WeDriveU and Hallcon Corp, two companies who manage Apple’s shuttle service, whether contracts would be paid.

Apple’s Silicon Valley campuses will remain closed down until its due date which is May 3 because of the extension of the shelter in place order in the Bay Area. Apple’s retail stores in the United States and other countries outside of China also remain closed, though some could begin opening as soon as the first half of April.