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I am really overwhelmed with work at the moment, if you would ask me, I’d rather prefer to grab a chair, rest my back and record my thoughts on a smartphone. Maybe even upload a podcast, because anything other than that seems like work all over again. I just want to get away from work. It’s December and man gats to chill, I know you understand what I’m talking about.

Nonetheless, it brings me utmost joy to bring you fresh gist from an insightful standpoint. So, I have been thinking of different activities and the best way to fill you in on these activities. One of those is the event that happened over the weekend in Nigeria.

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Imagine its your wedding day- the most anticipated day in your life and after several plans and investments you have put into it, a gorgeous looking lady walks right into the church and became the center of focus. To make matters worse, imagine everyone forgets you are the bride and focuses on her. What would you do?

I bet some of you would feel like throwing bottles, while some would feel so unhappy, wondering what they had done wrong to have opened an opportunity for another person to steal the show. Well this event happened over the weekend at the event being mentioned of in Nigeria.

So here is the deal? But first, get something to munch on while I take you on a ride of what happened over the weekend.

Last weekend, Nigerians welcomed American female rapper, Cardi B for a popular event show in Lagos, Nigeria in which Tiger beer was one of the major sponsors. 

This event gave an increased awareness for several brands. Some of these brands didn’t even sponsor the show but by sheer luck was opportune to be part of the publicity. I wouldn’t say that it was entirely unintentional anyway.

So the question that may be on your mind right now would be; who was the bride and who stole the bride’s show? Tiger was the brand and Guinness stole the show. Why was this?

Let me quickly take a cup of water to quench my thirst. Thank you!

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Now that I am done, let’s go!

One of such brands to achieve an increased awareness during Cardi’s visit was Guinness. Guinness became the one who took visibility and had all the glamour in publicity especially when Cardi B held the bottle and was marveled with the taste of the beer as opposed to the bride- Tiger beer.  And with this, Guinness became the talk on social media, twitter specifically. What a sample for an Ambush marketing!
Meanwhile Tiger beer when compared with Guinness who sponsored the event didn’t get as much publicity as it could have garnered during the whole days of when the star guest – Cardi B- was around.

The question is: Did Tiger beer leveraged on the event sponsorship? Yes! Did they fully leverage on the event? No! Are there certain things that they would have done better than they didn’t do? Of course, the answer is Yes!

Of course, there are several ways Tiger beer would have leveraged on the event. But first, we must note that event sponsorship is more than just the placement of logos and banners on event spot. It is about fully taking all opportunities (as they were) of an event and covering up all the loopholes. What is the essence of sponsoring an event if one cannot fully take an advantage of the main essence of the show? Do you get me?

Perhaps a proper study of Cardi B personality would have helped the brand as a whole. Did they study the personality? What options were in place to strategically position the brand in the various key places the star appeared especially during her time at Cubana, where she was seen drinking a bottle of Guinness as opposed to Tiger beer? What happened to strategically filling her hotel refrigerator with bottles of Tiger beer? Etc.

Note that sponsorship has gone way beyond the placement of banners at event shows and placement of logos amongst several list of sponsors. It is fully about leveraging the several opportunities that is open to such activity/event. It is important to cover all loopholes to avoid another brand ambushing or getting the show over your brand!

I must also make comment about the soap brand that was placed in the hotel where Cardi B logdged in Ghana where a good visibility was given to the soap brand. She emphasized more on the scent and soft feel of the soap which could be an unplanned or planned publicity for the soap brand. Whichever way it was, it was well thought out.

Lastly, I must give a special kudos to Cardi B for her promotion of the Nigerian culture especially on her social media platforms. That was really Nigeria to the world! Above all, the event was largely successful. Weldone to the organizers!
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Credit: Esther Adeyanju

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